Agile Games CANADA was born out of the idea to create a welcoming and safe space to learn, practice and share creative ways to utilize games in our professional lives.

What Can You Expect?

A creative open space to be created by you and others around learning with games. You can expect people to bring in their experiences to share with you.

Some Agile Games to consider:

  • Games for Retrospectives
  • Games for Coaching and Mentoring
  • Games for Building Products
  • Games for Psychological safety
  • Games for Trust, Conflict, Communication
  • Games for Remote Teams
  • visit the Games For page for more

Or a completely different set of games; After all, it is an Open Space. You and other participants create the agenda for the day.

We invite you to bring games and facilitate a session.

Some games that we have encountered include the following:

  • Ball Point Game
  • XP Game
  • The GetKanbanGame
  • Escape the Castle
  • Product Box
  • Keep talking and nobody will explode
  • Red Bead Experiment
  • …and many others

Why Should You Be There?

Simply learn, practice, connect and have fun, in a fail-safe learning environment!

Learn Games and their Fundamentals:

As an Agile practitioner, leader, coach or expert, you can help people achieve more with their Agile practice if they continue to evolve and grow. Knowing how to embed games in your coaching routine is a great asset for any Leader or an Agile Coach.

Reading books, attending conferences, talking to other coaches, or even watching videos to learn new Agile games is great but can leave you wanting interaction and immediate feedback. Engaging in playing those games will help you internalize the learning much deeper, faster and with more level of sophistication.

It’s Not Going to Break The Bank!

Our goal is to bring playfulness for as many as Agile Coaches possible. We wanted to give the Agile community a chance to dip their feet with games and playfulness aspect of it if they haven’t already. We are also volunteering our time and energy to make this event as low-cost as possible. This gives you, and other community members to get a chance to learn new skills and practice them as much as you like.

Connect and Keep Connecting

At the heart Agile is about working collaboratively with others.  Agile Games is the place to play, experiment, and most importantly have fun while learning ways to transform an individual to a collaborative mindset. You will be connected to like-minded people, learn from each other and make connections. You can rely on these connections even beyond the Agile Games Canada.

It’s a Fail-safe Environment

Whatever happens, is the only thing that could have happened. And whoever showed up is the best people to show up. These are two of the principles we are facilitating the day. You must have guessed it right; it’s an open space. No one is going to judge you or question you. You have all the space to explore, backtrack, try again, and again, and again! Let’s say you have an idea to experience with a game; this is the place to be!

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